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propedeutic of orthopedic stomatology 2004г.

 The book reflects the modern views on the problem of diagnosis and prevention of various diseases of dental systems, their orthopedic and complex treatment , the organization of a dental laboratory and clinical materials science. Adequately provides information about dentition anomalies and deformities , joint diseases, congenital and acquired defects of the maxillofacial region . Provides detailed data on the biomechanics of the masticatory apparatus, design principles and various artificial aids. Logically and reasonably interpreted the principle of finality of treatment. Much attention is paid to laboratory consistently stated methods of manufacturing various prostheses,  guide includes and prosthodontic appliances. To understand a certain topic , the reader is no need to search for other books , including materials science and engineering prostheses . The book is well illustrated with figures, tables , charts . The publication is designed primarily for dental students of medical faculties of universities and medical colleges of dental offices , but it will be useful for dentists and dental technicians.

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