Expirator stenosis of  trachea and the main bronchial tubes (clinic, diagnostics and treatment)  Trofimov E.M.
  Choice a  miniinvasiv method surgeries inguinal hernias Vystupets V.V.
  Change the fermental formula neutropyl leukocytes at sharp diseases Bodies belly Cavities Proskurjakov I.G.
  Complex Treatment of the poured purulent peritonitis with use gipohlorita Sodium and ronkoleukin Achoh Z.Z.
  Treatment maininvasive methods Cholelithias  illness complicated By broken passableness main zhelchevyvodjashchih of the channels Ermakov E.A.
  Treatment The sharp peritonitis which has arisen after operations on bodies of a gastroenteric path Ovchinnikov A.V.
  Preventive maintenance And treatment of  purulent-septic complications at surgical patients, Suffering a diabetes Zorik V.V.
  Precision Technics in surgical treatment of patients with metastatic ochagovymi Liver formations Ralka L M.
  Mini invasive Methods of treatment of a destructive cholecystitis in geriatrics Meshesha
  Treatment Full cross-section rupture of a pancreas with use krioapplikatsii (experimental research) Sozonov A.I.
  Spontaneous pnevmotoraks Gladyshev
  Applications krioapplication for treatment of an open trauma of the pancreas Musin
  Autoimmune tireoidit Lukovetsky A.V.
  Pathological Gullet anatomy barretta Azachevsky S.V.
  Metabolity of a connecting fabric in an estimation Currents about the forecast gerb Mokrousov N.V.
  Differentiated Medicamentous therapy gerb Noskova S.V.
  An estimation Dynamics of pathological process and efficiency of therapy gerb on To a condition of cellular Updating epiteliotsitov A gullet Chaplygin N.V.
  Ekspiratory  stenosis of a trachea and the main bronchial tubes Trofimov E.M.

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