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 Difference big those which is more expensive, these are not scanned books, and programs that is necessary for the doctor to expert, “a question and a prompt reply”.

Our purpose to give to the clinical physician not scanned books as it is done by many other things, and something other and is more qualitative.

It absolutely other approach not to medical education, and as the software, for acceptance in the shortest terms, adequate and faultless decisions in concrete situations doctors urgental (surgeons, reanimatologs, the doctor of branch of intensive therapy).




 No, you can  use a directory on a site to have it at yourselves on a hard disk, it is necessary to buy a directory. Administration Surgerycom allows to copy, print and keep on a hard disk separate pages of a site “the Directory of clinical symptoms and syndromes”. ATTENTION!!! Total downloading of a site by such programs as: WebZIP, WebCopier, Teleport and т. д. The serious damage will cause to your computer! If you wish to have a directory copy, buy it, having followed the link “to Buy a directory”.




  The basic it WinRar, but recently we began to add new books заархивированные in a format 7z. We have decided to use it since On degree of compression the archiver 7-Zip is the leader among similar paid and free programs, Supports many formats




   No, it not a deceit. Such happens exclusively seldom, but sometimes because of an overload of the server and errors in processing of sms-messages by the operator some смс do not reach. Write us on an e-mail or ICQ with instructions of number of a mobile phone from which has been sent смс, the name of your communications service provider, sending date, the text of the sent message and the text of the message which have come to the answer (if something has come). If money from your account has been written off, the password on an e-mail will be sent you.




  Such error arises, when the archive with the book is downloaded not completely or with errors. Download the book anew, it is desirable using the manager закачек (e.g. ReGet or Download Master), or download the book under the alternative reference.



  At you the program for viewing of files of this format is not established. To download programs for viewing of books of all formats it is possible here.



  If the author has made it for the purpose of information protection it is impossible to copy thus.





  Recommended programs for viewing of such books it WinDjView - the program for djvu files and Foxit PDF Reader - the program for pdf books.



  Can! But, after approval. Criteria such:

1. That that you be going to expose, should represent scientific value, i.e. should be interesting and useful to experts-physicians;

2. Thematically should correspond to a site;

3. Any advertising! Requisites of the author are specified only;


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